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The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Training: 100 Killer Resources | National Massage Certification

The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Training: 100 Killer Resources

You don’t need expensive gym equipment to keep yourself fit, health, and relaxed. As these resources will show, you can get a great workout just using your own bodyweight. Here are some tips, workouts, tutorials and more to get you started on getting fit in an extremely simple and inexpensive way.

Tips for Beginners

Here are some basic tips to consider when starting a bodyweight training program.

  1. Visit your doctor. Just like any other workout program, it’s best to pay a visit to your doctor for a physical before beginning to train with your bodyweight. This will help to ensure you don’t injure yourself and end up worse off than before.
  2. Keep track. A major part of any bodyweight workout program should be keeping track of the number of reps and the type of exercises you’re doing. This way, you can measure your progress and feel good about where you’re going.
  3. Get advice. Don’t try to just do it all on your own right away. Read books, watch DVDs and browse the Internet to learn everything you can about bodyweight training.
  4. Don’t overdo it. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting a new workout program and forget you may not be fit enough to handle it. Start off slow and work your way up.
  5. Work at your level. Don’t try to start out just working out like you’re an old pro. Find out where your personal limits are and adjust your workouts accordingly.
  6. Find something you like. Everyone has parts of their workout they dread but make sure you have something you love as well.
  7. Push yourself. Just because you’re not lifting weights doesn’t mean your workouts should be easy. Make sure you’re actually pushing yourself to work at a level that will give you great benefits.
  8. Eat right. If your goal of a bodyweight training program is to lose weight or tone up you’re not going to meet it without changing your diet as well.
  9. Find a trainer. Some people just don’t have the resolve to push themselves to work hard at the gym or at home. If you know you’re that type, find a trainer to give you that extra push.
  10. Stop making excuses. Whether you work out with your bodyweight at home or at the gym, it’s easy to make excuses not to do either one. Silence those lazy voices and get in gear. You’ll feel better for it once you do.


Read these articles to learn how to get in shape with bodyweight training and take better care of your body.

  1. The Importance of Bodyweight Training: A Different Kind of Balance: Learn how to balance out your bodyweight workouts so that all parts of your body are getting worked out evenly from this article.
  2. Building an Olympic Body through Bodyweight Conditioning: If you’ve ever envied an Olympic athlete for their athletic body then give this article a read. You’ll learn how you can work towards a buff body using only your own bodyweight.
  3. The Importance of Primitive Movement Patterns: Learn the absolute basics of working out with this article that helps you train your essential movements.
  4. A Quick Reference Mobility Guide: Check out how you can make your workouts more efficient with this article.
  5. Adding Muscle Mass and Size with Bodyweight Training: Here you can find out just how to build up your muscles when you’re doing bodyweight training.
  6. Body Weight Training: Crude but Effective: As this article discusses, body weight training may seem like a pretty basic way to get fit but it can help you see real results.
  7. Bodyweight Training vs Weight Training: A Martial Artist’s Perspective: Learn what training method may be most effective for you if you’re into martial arts.
  8. Pull-ups: A Matter of Function: Get some advice on doing proper pull-ups in this article.
  9. Bodyweight Training will Build a Super Body: Find out just how bodyweight training can benefit your body here.
  10. No Gym, No Problem: With many people struggling to pay bills, not having a gym membership
  11. Burn Fat with Body Weight Circuits: This article describes how you can lose weight and build muscle with body fat circuit training.
  12. Don’t Wait to Start Your Bodyweight Training - Three Compelling Reasons to Start Now: Get some motivation to getting started working out with your body weight from this article.
  13. 12 Reasons to Use Bodyweight Training: This article lays out 12 big reasons why you should start bodyweight training.
  14. Bodyweight Training vs. Machines: Find out how bodyweight training stack up against more traditional weight training programs from this blog.
  15. Blast from the Past: Bodyweight Training: Learn how bodyweight training has come back in style in recent years from this article.
  16. Bodyweight Exercise Program: Why Yours Is Designed Wrong: Analyze your bodyweight workout program against the potential problems this article lays out.


Check out these sites to find some great plans and ideas for body weight workouts.

  1. Combat Fitness: This site focuses on how to use bodyweight training as part of a martial arts training plan.
  2. Bodyweight Exercises for Size and Strength: Build both your muscle mass and strength using this workout as a guide.
  3. Exercise Goals: Bodyweight Workout: Check out this site for a basic bodyweight workout.
  4. Bodyweight Exercises: This Tae Kwon Do site helps you learn to work out with bodyweight and improve your strength and agility.
  5. Body Weight Workout: No Equipment Exercise Plan: See how easy it is to work out with no equipment by using this plan.
  6. Bodyweight Fitness: This routine is perfect for new parents who want to get back into shape.
  7. Workout Without Weights: Learn how to work out without using any weight but your own on this site.
  8. Body Weight Training Program: IDEA Health and Fitness provides this 9 -week body weight workout program.
  9. Body Weight Exercise Circuits: Check out this site from WellSphere to find out how you can integrate interval training and bodyweight workouts.
  10. Upper Body Weight Training and Muscle Building Exercises: This workout focuses on your upper body to help you build muscle and get strong.
  11. The Bodyweight 500 Workout: With 500 reps of everything, this workout is intense and only for those already in shape.
  12. Train with Me Online: Body Weight Workout #1: Start with part one of this workout series to get going with bodyweight training.
  13. Free Bodyweight Workout: This article details a pretty basic bodyweight workout.
  14. A Quick Fat Burning Body Weight Workout: Learn how to burn fat just by using your own body for resistance.
  15. Bodyweight Workouts: This site is home to a variety of bodyweight workouts and movements that can get you in shape. While no longer updated, the archives are still super useful.
  16. Muscle Building Body Weight Workouts: This workout focuses on building muscle and helping you bulk up.
  17. Bodyweight Exercise Routine: This bodybuilding site provides this workout that you can do without any weights.
  18. A No Excuses Bodyweight Exercise Routine for a Snow Day: Even if you can’t make it to the gym you can still use this workout to get fit at home.
  19. Quick Bodyweight Exercise Routines: Check out this workout to learn how you can easily fit bodyweight workouts into your day.

Video Tutorials

These video tutorials make it easy to see how to work out properly and can even provide some great inspiration.

  1. Bodyweight Circuit Training: This video can help you learn to make your training more efficient by using circuits.
  2. Bodyweight Training Doesn’t Have to be Boring: Learn how to make bodyweight training fun and exciting from this video.
  3. Advanced Bodyweight Training Challenge: For those who’ve been doing bodyweight training for awhile, this video can help you challenge yourself.
  4. Bodyweight Workout: Follow along with this Turbulence Training video that is strictly for bodyweight training pros.
  5. TRX Bodyweight Training: This video shows how you can get a killer workout just using your body and a TRX unit.
  6. Monkey Bar Gym Bodyweight Training: This gym shows you how to go about starting a body weight training program.
  7. Body Weight Only: Check out this body weight only workout.
  8. Types of Resistance Training: Learn how to use resistance to your advantage from this short video.
  9. No Equipment Necessary: This video shows how easy it can be to work out with no equipment.
  10. Bodyweight Workout for Beginners: THose new to bodyweight training can check out this video for beginner’s tips and tricks.
  11. Killer 4- Minute Bodyweight Workout That Works: You don’t have to work out for hours to see great benefits as this video shows.
  12. Bodyweight Cardio: Fitness isn’t just about being strong, cardio is important too. You’ll get advice on creating a well-rounded workout here.
  13. How To Play Safe With Weight Training: Upper Body Positioning Tips: Make sure you’re doing your exercises properly and safely. This video shows the right form for upper body workouts.
  14. Bodyweight Strength Training For Basketball: Those who love playing basketball can benefit from bodyweight training as well, as this video shows.
  15. Bootcamp Personal Training: Bodyweight Training: This introductory video can help you get started with bodyweight training.
  16. Bodyweight Squats Tutorial: If you’re unsure how to do squats properly, this video can show you the ropes.
  17. Bodyweight Conditioning Workout Routine: This video can show you how to get in tip-top shape using bodyweight conditioning.
  18. Bar-barians Spring Training: Get some inspiration from this jaw-dropping video, full of feats of strength.
  19. Bodyweight Butt Exercises: Want to tone up your butt? Check out this video workout.
  20. Strength Training Exercises: Push Up Exercises: Learn how to do push-ups, and other related exercises, the right way from this video.


These blogs are all about fitness and bodyweight training.

  1. Beast Skills: This blogger is all about strength, weight lifting, and getting fit, primarily training the bodyweight way.
  2. Building Bodies: Here you’ll find bodyweight workouts and other mixed martial arts training advice.
  3. This blog is home to a number of bodyweight workout programs that may be able to work to your personal needs.
  4. The Bodyweight Files: Check out this blog to see how working out using your bodyweight can really pay off.
  5. Body Weight Exercise Online: Learn how to achieve "peak fitness using bodyweight training" from this blog.
  6. SoloStrength: This blog promises to offer bodyweight circuit training device that can work for anyone.
  7. OxFit Athletics: Ann Parker explains how to eat right and stay fit in this training focused blog.
  8. The Street Workout: Here you can learn how to work out using the environment around you.
  9. The S.M.A.R.T. Challenge: Rob Garcia talks about the S.M.A.R.T. Challenge in this blog, a total body strength training workout that uses body weight for resistance.
  10. Healing Kinetics: Body weight training can work even for those who aren’t in perfect health or who want to start improving how they feel as this blog explains.
  11. Bodyweight Basics: This blog is all about teaching you the basics of bodyweight fitness so you can work out from anywhere.
  12. Fitness Anywhere Blog : Check out the blog on this site to learn some innovative ways to use your bodyweight to get in shape.
  13. Monkey Bar Gymnasium: This site is full of articles on bodyweight fitness as well as a variety of other workout related issues.

Web Resources

Check out these sites for information, workouts, support and more for your bodyweight training.

  1. Bodyweight Culture: This forum is the ideal place to meet with others who share your passion for bodyweight fitness.
  2. Fitness Anywhere: Learn how to make your body into your machine with a little help from this site.
  3. Body Weight Fit: Join this site to get access to great bodyweight workouts that will push you to work hard and get in shape.
  4. Bodyweight Basics: Here you’ll find a number of great workouts in addition to tips and other resources on bodyweight training.
  5. WellSphere Body Weight Resistance Training: This site brings together a number of resources on bodyweight training like videos, workouts and more.
  6. Underground Strength Coach: This fitness site is all about teaching you to turn your body in to the ultimate exercise machine.
  7. Bodyweight Training Podcast: Check out this podcast to learn some effective ways to work out without weights.
  8. Interval Training Works: Here you’ll find videos and instructions on the best ways to get in shape with bodyweight training.

Workout Equipment, DVDs and Books

These products can help you work out better with body weight no matter what your level.

  1. Body by Fish: From videos to manuals, this site is full of bodyweight training merchandise you can order.
  2. Elastic Steel: This site sells DVDs, equipment, books and more to help you make the most of your workouts.
  3. Turbulence Training: Order these DVDs to lose weight and get fit, without any expensive weights.
  4. Never Gymless: Check out this manual to find out how you can work out right, from anywhere.
  5. Perform Better: Here you’ll find equipment to help you improve your bodyweight workouts.
  6. TBK Fitness Program: TBK fitness not only focuses on bodyweight training but on changing your diet as well.
  7. Dynamic Strength: Those interested in martial arts will appreciate this book by Harry Wong that focuses on helping you get stronger, more flexible and more nimble.
  8. KineBody: Functional Strength Development for Men and Women: Check out this book to help you learn to work out productively without even going to the gym.
  9. Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women: This book may be costly, but with great illustrations it promises to also help you shape up and feel good.
  10. Pushing Yourself to Power: The Ultimate Guide to Total Body Transformation: Learn how just pushing around your own body weight can help you get in the best shape of your life from this book by fitness expert John Peterson.
  11. The Naked Warrior: The author of this book, Pavel Tsatsouline, is a nationally ranked Russian athlete who share his secrets for speed, strength and overall well-being in this book
  12. Men’s Health Best: Weight-Free Workout: Men can learn how to better workout with weights in this book put out by Men’s Health.
  13. Bodyweight Exercises for Extraordinary Strength: Former gymnast Brad Johnson explains the benefits of bodyweight workouts in this book.
  14. Joyce Vedral: Top Shape Total Body Weight Training Workout: This DVD set will give you great workouts for both men and women.

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