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Stress and Relaxation | National Massage Certification

Stress and Relaxation

The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Training: 100 Killer Resources

You don’t need expensive gym equipment to keep yourself fit, health, and relaxed. As these resources will show, you can get a great workout just using your own bodyweight. Here are some tips, workouts, tutorials and more to get you started on getting fit in an extremely simple and inexpensive way.

Tips for Beginners

Here are some basic tips to consider when starting a bodyweight training program.

  1. Visit your doctor. Just like any other workout program, it’s best to pay a visit to your doctor for a physical before beginning to train with your bodyweight. This will help to ensure you don’t injure yourself and end up worse off than before.
  2. Keep track. A major part of any bodyweight workout program should be keeping track of the number of reps and the type of exercises you’re doing. This way, you can measure your progress and feel good about where you’re going.
  3. Get advice. Don’t try to just do it all on your own right away. Read books, watch DVDs and browse the Internet to learn everything you can about bodyweight training.
  4. Don’t overdo it. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting a new workout program and forget you may not be fit enough to handle it. Start off slow and work your way up.
  5. Work at your level. Don’t try to start out just working out like you’re an old pro. Find out where your personal limits are and adjust your workouts accordingly.
  6. Find something you like. Everyone has parts of their workout they dread but make sure you have something you love as well.
  7. Push yourself. Just because you’re not lifting weights doesn’t mean your workouts should be easy. Make sure you’re actually pushing yourself to work at a level that will give you great benefits.
  8. Eat right. If your goal of a bodyweight training program is to lose weight or tone up you’re not going to meet it without changing your diet as well.
  9. Find a trainer. Some people just don’t have the resolve to push themselves to work hard at the gym or at home. If you know you’re that type, find a trainer to give you that extra push.
  10. Stop making excuses. Whether you work out with your bodyweight at home or at the gym, it’s easy to make excuses not to do either one. Silence those lazy voices and get in gear. You’ll feel better for it once you do.


Read these articles to learn how to get in shape with bodyweight training and take better care of your body.

  1. The Importance of Bodyweight Training: A Different Kind of Balance: Learn how to balance out your bodyweight workouts so that all parts of your body are getting worked out evenly from this article.
  2. Building an Olympic Body through Bodyweight Conditioning: If you’ve ever envied an Olympic athlete for their athletic body then give this article a read. You’ll learn how you can work towards a buff body using only your own bodyweight.
  3. The Importance of Primitive Movement Patterns: Learn the absolute basics of working out with this article that helps you train your essential movements.
  4. A Quick Reference Mobility Guide: Check out how you can make your workouts more efficient with this article.
  5. Adding Muscle Mass and Size with Bodyweight Training: Here you can find out just how to build up your muscles when you’re doing bodyweight training.
  6. Body Weight Training: Crude but Effective: As this article discusses, body weight training may seem like a pretty basic way to get fit but it can help you see real results.
  7. Bodyweight Training vs Weight Training: A Martial Artist’s Perspective: Learn what training method may be most effective for you if you’re into martial arts.
  8. Pull-ups: A Matter of Function: Get some advice on doing proper pull-ups in this article.
  9. Bodyweight Training will Build a Super Body: Find out just how bodyweight training can benefit your body here.
  10. No Gym, No Problem: With many people struggling to pay bills, not having a gym membership
  11. Burn Fat with Body Weight Circuits: This article describes how you can lose weight and build muscle with body fat circuit training.
  12. Don’t Wait to Start Your Bodyweight Training - Three Compelling Reasons to Start Now: Get some motivation to getting started working out with your body weight from this article.
  13. 12 Reasons to Use Bodyweight Training: This article lays out 12 big reasons why you should start bodyweight training.
  14. Bodyweight Training vs. Machines: Find out how bodyweight training stack up against more traditional weight training programs from this blog.
  15. Blast from the Past: Bodyweight Training: Learn how bodyweight training has come back in style in recent years from this article.
  16. Bodyweight Exercise Program: Why Yours Is Designed Wrong: Analyze your bodyweight workout program against the potential problems this article lays out.


Check out these sites to find some great plans and ideas for body weight workouts.

  1. Combat Fitness: This site focuses on how to use bodyweight training as part of a martial arts training plan.
  2. Bodyweight Exercises for Size and Strength: Build both your muscle mass and strength using this workout as a guide.
  3. Exercise Goals: Bodyweight Workout: Check out this site for a basic bodyweight workout.
  4. Bodyweight Exercises: This Tae Kwon Do site helps you learn to work out with bodyweight and improve your strength and agility.
  5. Body Weight Workout: No Equipment Exercise Plan: See how easy it is to work out with no equipment by using this plan.
  6. Bodyweight Fitness: This routine is perfect for new parents who want to get back into shape.
  7. Workout Without Weights: Learn how to work out without using any weight but your own on this site.
  8. Body Weight Training Program: IDEA Health and Fitness provides this 9 -week body weight workout program.
  9. Body Weight Exercise Circuits: Check out this site from WellSphere to find out how you can integrate interval training and bodyweight workouts.
  10. Upper Body Weight Training and Muscle Building Exercises: This workout focuses on your upper body to help you build muscle and get strong.
  11. The Bodyweight 500 Workout: With 500 reps of everything, this workout is intense and only for those already in shape.
  12. Train with Me Online: Body Weight Workout #1: Start with part one of this workout series to get going with bodyweight training.
  13. Free Bodyweight Workout: This article details a pretty basic bodyweight workout.
  14. A Quick Fat Burning Body Weight Workout: Learn how to burn fat just by using your own body for resistance.
  15. Bodyweight Workouts: This site is home to a variety of bodyweight workouts and movements that can get you in shape. While no longer updated, the archives are still super useful.
  16. Muscle Building Body Weight Workouts: This workout focuses on building muscle and helping you bulk up.
  17. Bodyweight Exercise Routine: This bodybuilding site provides this workout that you can do without any weights.
  18. A No Excuses Bodyweight Exercise Routine for a Snow Day: Even if you can’t make it to the gym you can still use this workout to get fit at home.
  19. Quick Bodyweight Exercise Routines: Check out this workout to learn how you can easily fit bodyweight workouts into your day.

Video Tutorials

These video tutorials make it easy to see how to work out properly and can even provide some great inspiration.

  1. Bodyweight Circuit Training: This video can help you learn to make your training more efficient by using circuits.
  2. Bodyweight Training Doesn’t Have to be Boring: Learn how to make bodyweight training fun and exciting from this video.
  3. Advanced Bodyweight Training Challenge: For those who’ve been doing bodyweight training for awhile, this video can help you challenge yourself.
  4. Bodyweight Workout: Follow along with this Turbulence Training video that is strictly for bodyweight training pros.
  5. TRX Bodyweight Training: This video shows how you can get a killer workout just using your body and a TRX unit.
  6. Monkey Bar Gym Bodyweight Training: This gym shows you how to go about starting a body weight training program.
  7. Body Weight Only: Check out this body weight only workout.
  8. Types of Resistance Training: Learn how to use resistance to your advantage from this short video.
  9. No Equipment Necessary: This video shows how easy it can be to work out with no equipment.
  10. Bodyweight Workout for Beginners: THose new to bodyweight training can check out this video for beginner’s tips and tricks.
  11. Killer 4- Minute Bodyweight Workout That Works: You don’t have to work out for hours to see great benefits as this video shows.
  12. Bodyweight Cardio: Fitness isn’t just about being strong, cardio is important too. You’ll get advice on creating a well-rounded workout here.
  13. How To Play Safe With Weight Training: Upper Body Positioning Tips: Make sure you’re doing your exercises properly and safely. This video shows the right form for upper body workouts.
  14. Bodyweight Strength Training For Basketball: Those who love playing basketball can benefit from bodyweight training as well, as this video shows.
  15. Bootcamp Personal Training: Bodyweight Training: This introductory video can help you get started with bodyweight training.
  16. Bodyweight Squats Tutorial: If you’re unsure how to do squats properly, this video can show you the ropes.
  17. Bodyweight Conditioning Workout Routine: This video can show you how to get in tip-top shape using bodyweight conditioning.
  18. Bar-barians Spring Training: Get some inspiration from this jaw-dropping video, full of feats of strength.
  19. Bodyweight Butt Exercises: Want to tone up your butt? Check out this video workout.
  20. Strength Training Exercises: Push Up Exercises: Learn how to do push-ups, and other related exercises, the right way from this video.


These blogs are all about fitness and bodyweight training.

  1. Beast Skills: This blogger is all about strength, weight lifting, and getting fit, primarily training the bodyweight way.
  2. Building Bodies: Here you’ll find bodyweight workouts and other mixed martial arts training advice.
  3. This blog is home to a number of bodyweight workout programs that may be able to work to your personal needs.
  4. The Bodyweight Files: Check out this blog to see how working out using your bodyweight can really pay off.
  5. Body Weight Exercise Online: Learn how to achieve "peak fitness using bodyweight training" from this blog.
  6. SoloStrength: This blog promises to offer bodyweight circuit training device that can work for anyone.
  7. OxFit Athletics: Ann Parker explains how to eat right and stay fit in this training focused blog.
  8. The Street Workout: Here you can learn how to work out using the environment around you.
  9. The S.M.A.R.T. Challenge: Rob Garcia talks about the S.M.A.R.T. Challenge in this blog, a total body strength training workout that uses body weight for resistance.
  10. Healing Kinetics: Body weight training can work even for those who aren’t in perfect health or who want to start improving how they feel as this blog explains.
  11. Bodyweight Basics: This blog is all about teaching you the basics of bodyweight fitness so you can work out from anywhere.
  12. Fitness Anywhere Blog : Check out the blog on this site to learn some innovative ways to use your bodyweight to get in shape.
  13. Monkey Bar Gymnasium: This site is full of articles on bodyweight fitness as well as a variety of other workout related issues.

Web Resources

Check out these sites for information, workouts, support and more for your bodyweight training.

  1. Bodyweight Culture: This forum is the ideal place to meet with others who share your passion for bodyweight fitness.
  2. Fitness Anywhere: Learn how to make your body into your machine with a little help from this site.
  3. Body Weight Fit: Join this site to get access to great bodyweight workouts that will push you to work hard and get in shape.
  4. Bodyweight Basics: Here you’ll find a number of great workouts in addition to tips and other resources on bodyweight training.
  5. WellSphere Body Weight Resistance Training: This site brings together a number of resources on bodyweight training like videos, workouts and more.
  6. Underground Strength Coach: This fitness site is all about teaching you to turn your body in to the ultimate exercise machine.
  7. Bodyweight Training Podcast: Check out this podcast to learn some effective ways to work out without weights.
  8. Interval Training Works: Here you’ll find videos and instructions on the best ways to get in shape with bodyweight training.

Workout Equipment, DVDs and Books

These products can help you work out better with body weight no matter what your level.

  1. Body by Fish: From videos to manuals, this site is full of bodyweight training merchandise you can order.
  2. Elastic Steel: This site sells DVDs, equipment, books and more to help you make the most of your workouts.
  3. Turbulence Training: Order these DVDs to lose weight and get fit, without any expensive weights.
  4. Never Gymless: Check out this manual to find out how you can work out right, from anywhere.
  5. Perform Better: Here you’ll find equipment to help you improve your bodyweight workouts.
  6. TBK Fitness Program: TBK fitness not only focuses on bodyweight training but on changing your diet as well.
  7. Dynamic Strength: Those interested in martial arts will appreciate this book by Harry Wong that focuses on helping you get stronger, more flexible and more nimble.
  8. KineBody: Functional Strength Development for Men and Women: Check out this book to help you learn to work out productively without even going to the gym.
  9. Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women: This book may be costly, but with great illustrations it promises to also help you shape up and feel good.
  10. Pushing Yourself to Power: The Ultimate Guide to Total Body Transformation: Learn how just pushing around your own body weight can help you get in the best shape of your life from this book by fitness expert John Peterson.
  11. The Naked Warrior: The author of this book, Pavel Tsatsouline, is a nationally ranked Russian athlete who share his secrets for speed, strength and overall well-being in this book
  12. Men’s Health Best: Weight-Free Workout: Men can learn how to better workout with weights in this book put out by Men’s Health.
  13. Bodyweight Exercises for Extraordinary Strength: Former gymnast Brad Johnson explains the benefits of bodyweight workouts in this book.
  14. Joyce Vedral: Top Shape Total Body Weight Training Workout: This DVD set will give you great workouts for both men and women.

50 Pricey Spa Treatments You Can Do at Home

DIY beauty is great for anyone on a budget or whose schedule is just too busy for a trip to the spa. And just because you’re out of extra funds and extra time doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the relaxation and indulgence of a spa treatment. Below are 50 treatments you can do in the peace and comfort of your own home.

Manicures and Pedicures

Learn how to do your own mani pedis, including French manicures and pedicures, here.

  1. DIY Manicure Tips: Get tips on correctly removing old polish, trimming nails, soaking hands and more.
  2. DIY Pedicure: Use Epson salt, a callus stone and your own homemade scrub mixture for a DIY pedicure.
  3. Do It Yourself Manicure: Marie Claire shares tips for giving yourself an impressive, inexpensive manicure at home.
  4. Your Nails: The At-Home Manicure: Learn how to treat cuticles, apply a base coat and more.
  5. Ten Steps to Give Yourself an At-Home Manicure: This easy guide shares tips for quickly drying nail polish.
  6. How to Do French Manicures: Watch this video series from Expert Village to learn how to give yourself a French manicure.
  7. Pedicure Spa: Treat yourself to a spa pedicure at home with this guide.
  8. DIY Pedicure: Learn how to shape, smooth and polish your toenails.
  9. Give yourself a perfect pedicure: Learn how to whip up your own homemade foot scrub for your pedicure.
  10. 10-Step Home Pedicure: This pedicure guide features at warm water soak.

Hair Treatments

From deep conditioning treatments to cutting your bangs, these DIY projects can save you a lot of money at the salon.

  1. Deep conditioner: Get a recipe for an avocado and mayonnaise conditioning treatment here.
  2. Easy Home Recipes for Natural Shampoo: Use vegetable oil for moisture and liquid Castile soap to cleanse.
  3. Aloe and Olive Oil Shampoo: This at-home spa treatment uses olive oil, aloe vera juice, dried flowers and liquid soap.
  4. Making your own homemade hair dye: Learn how to make your own natural dye here.
  5. DIY Salon-Style Blowouts: Watch this video to learn how to do your own blowout before a party.
  6. Celebrity Hair How-To: Holidays: Learn how to do your hair like celebrities Lindsay Price, Blake Lively and others.
  7. At-Home Hair Color to Look Like a Star: This slideshow and guide shares tips for doing your own hair color.
  8. Deep Conditioning: How to Feed Your Hair: Learn which products to use and the steps to take during a deep condition.
  9. Super Duper Deep Conditioning: All you need for this recipe is mayonnaise, olive oil and egg yolks.
  10. How to Trim Bangs: Trim your bangs in just 10 minutes when you follow this guide.

Self Massage

You don’t need a professional to help you relax. Take time out at home to give yourself your own massage.

  1. How to do self massage:’s guide to self-massage can relieve insomnia and tension headaches.
  2. Learn the art of self-massage: This guide shares tips for hand massages, rub downs and even a belly massage.
  3. Self Massage: Learn tricks for torso massage, feet massage, jaw massage and more.


Make your own aromatherapy candles and bath salts by checking out these guides.

  1. How to blend and use aromatherapy oils: Watch this Expert Village to get tips for combining oils.
  2. How to make aromatherapy bath salts: Make your own soothing bath when you read this guide.
  3. How to make aromatherapy jar candles: Instead of buying expensive candles, make your own aromatherapy spa candles here.
  4. What kind of aromatherapy do you need?: Learn how to pinpoint which aromatherapy you need and how to select the right scents.


This list features article that tell you how to put on makeup like a professional and how to make your own cosmetics.

  1. Backstage Beauty: Get tips for copying the runway beauty looks from New York, London, Milan and Paris.
  2. Make up recipes: Here you’ll find recipes for making foundation and lip color.
  3. Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Cosmetics: Watch this ThreadBanger video to learn how to make your own cosmetics and skincare products.
  4. Eye Openers: Read Cover Girl’s professional makeup tips for glamming up your eyes.


Get tips for waxing eyebrows and legs yourself here.

  1. How to wax your own legs: The Budget Fashionista gives suggestions for finding the right products and waxing your own legs.
  2. Waxing Eyebrows, the DIY at home instructions: Waxing your eyebrows can be tricky, so be sure to read this guide carefully before taking the plunge.

Facial Treatments

Give yourself a facial or make your own face mask with one of these recipes.

  1. Oily skin face mask: Whip up your own milk of magnesia face mask to reducing shine and spot treating blemishes.
  2. Sensitive Skin Oatmeal Mask: Learn to make an oatmeal-egg mask here.
  3. 10 Minutes to a Clean Face: Learn how to properly clean, exfoliate and moisturize your face.
  4. DIY Have a Steam Facial: Here you can get directions for setting up and enjoying a steam facial at home.
  5. Make your own homemade face mask: Find out which face masks are best for different skin types here.
  6. How to Make a Milk, Cucumber and Honey Mask: This yummy face mask makes your skin glow.
  7. The DIY Facial: Get tips for exfoliating, cleansing and massaging your skin.
  8. Homemade Skin Care Recipes: Face: Here you’ll find recipes and ingredients for face masks, including oatmeal, eggs and more.

Skin Treatments

For tips and recipes for exfoliating scrubs and more, turn to this list.

  1. Homemade exfoliating body scrub: This fun treatment is also good for minimizing stretch marks.
  2. Make Basic Bath Salts: Treat your whole body when you make these bath salts.
  3. Make your own exfoliating scrub: Scrub off dead skin cells and dry skin with your own homemade exfoliating scrub.
  4. Seaweed wrap: This lengthy article has lots of tips for giving yourself an at-home spa weekend, including making your own seaweed wrap.


Here you’ll find even more DIY spa treatments that are much less time consuming and less expensive than going to the salon.

  1. DIY Beauty: Find great recipes for egg masks, banana facial masks and more.
  2. The 10 Things You Need for Your Home Spa: Find out which books, guides and beauty products are the best to keep in stock at home.
  3. jammies: Wear these hydrating therapy socks for a cozy, at-home moisture treatment for your feet.
  4. Cucumber: Vegetable Drawer Beauty: This article shares all the ways cucumbers can be used for beauty treatments, including as an astringent and in a facial mask.
  5. Detox Home Spa: Detox spa trips are incredibly expensive, but this article tells you how to set up a detox system by yourself.

100 Best Blogs for the Mind, Body, and Soul

People read blogs for many reasons, but ultimately the goal is to learn something new. If you want to learn how to take care of yourself–mind, body, and soul–then these blogs are an excellent way to find your path. Featuring blogs from exercise to stress relief; blogs focusing on the needs of women, men, or children; and blogs examining mental health and spirituality, the following blogs bring you the information, support, and encouragement you seek to find your health and balance in life.

Exercise and Fitness

Find inspiration as well as perspiration with these blogs that will have you getting fit.

  1. FitSugar. Women especially will find this blog an interesting read with reasons to exercise, good nutrition tips, and more.
  2. Really Useful Fitness Blog. Get tips for burning fat, working out for maximum effect, and more with this blog that will help you get fit.
  3. Bill’s Training Blog. Follow Bill as he gets fit through walking, push-ups, and running while trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Bike About. Find thoughts on healthy eating, hiking, biking, and more on this blog.
  5. Trying Fitness. This blog offers plenty of suggestions to help get yourself exercising and finding your fitness.
  6. Cranky Fitness. Get cranky–and read posts about fitness, nutrition, and exercise with a humorous twist.
  7. The Great Fitness Experiment. This blog offers insightful explorations of such topics as living up to your potential and body confidence.
  8. Walking Blog. From, this blog offers information for those who enjoy walking, including information about calorie burning, treadmills, and more.
  9. Hiker Dude’s Hiking Blog. Hiker Dude will motivate you to get into nature with tips and treks in the country and in town.
  10. See Mike Run. The photos of Banff alone are worth visiting this blog, but don’t forget to read about Mike’s runs while you are here too.
  11. Keep it Street Level. With a passion for single gears, this blogger writes about bikes, biking, and living in this blog that will frequently leave you smiling.


Whether you need help changing the way you eat or just like to learn more about good nutrition, read these blogs full of delicious and healthy posts.

  1. Junk Food Science. Learn about the science behind junk food with information about nutrition, weight issues, food additives, and more in this blog written by a nurse.
  2. Healthy Child Healthy World. Learn how to improve your child’s health and your own by eating organic and going green.
  3. The Milk-Free Blog. Courtesy of, get product information and recipes to help support a dairy-free diet.
  4. Karina’s Kitchen. After a diagnosis of celiac disease, this cook started creating delicious gluten-free recipes and shares them here.
  5. A Life Less Sweet. Learn how to lose the high fructose corn syrup from your diet and why it’s better for your health at this blog.
  6. Feed the Soul Nutrition Blog. Find ways to eat more healthily while on a budget, learn about fresh vegetables, and more.
  7. Fear and Loathing in the Kitchen. Learn to enjoy food no matter what type of diet restrictions you may have with the experience of this blogger who has followed various types of health diets including gluten and dairy-free.
  8. Foodielicious. With emphasis on using fresh produce, learn about the health benefits of cooking and eating this way, and get some delicious ideas too.
  9. Grow. Food. Love. Using gardening and food preparation as a means for good mental health, this blogger shares her experiences with her readers.

Weight Loss

If you are looking for inspiration and support during your weight loss journey, then you will want to check out these blogs.

  1. 101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat. Find plenty of reasons to lose weight at this blog.
  2. DietDiva. Learn how this woman is learning to lose the prepackaged food and eat more naturally to lose weight and become more healthy.
  3. A Merry Life. Down from 255 pounds, this woman writes about topics such as better nutrition and running as she meets her weight loss goal.
  4. Fat Man Unleashed. Follow the successes and setbacks of this blogger as he loses weight.
  5. Andrew is Getting Fit. Become inspired reading how this man lost over 100 pounds and is training for a half marathon.
  6. John is Fit. Through diet and exercise, John is getting healthy and losing weight from his 295 pounds.
  7. The Sassy Pear. This wife and mom shares her experiences as she focuses on nutrition, exercise, and weight loss.
  8. Choosing to Live. This woman shares her weight loss struggles and successes on her blog.
  9. Big Fat Deal. Read about topics such as weight issues in pop culture, body image, and self-confidence.
  10. A Fat Girl Speaks Out (on everything). Speaking out about eating disorders, being overweight, culture’s perception of overweight people, and more, this blog provides awareness on a variety of topics.

Healthy Living

From promoting wellness to stress relief to getting active, these blogs share various ways to live a healthy and injury free lifestyle.

  1. Wellness Bites. Read the latest news and research in health, wellness, and beauty with this blog that provides a natural approach to it all.
  2. Balanced Health and Nutrition. News and opinion mingle in this blog that focuses on exercise and healthy eating and living.
  3. Eve’s Health & Fitness. Get healthier with this blog that offers exercise, nutrition, and diet information.
  4. Fit and Healthy in the Valley. This blogger stands out from her peers as a woman trying to achieve well-being through healthy living in Hollywood.
  5. The Active Life. If you want inspiration and ideas for ways women and children can stay active, fit, and healthy, then check out this blog.
  6. Fit for Adventure. With the goal of being able to get fit enough to enjoy outdoor adventures, this woman shares her progress.
  7. Fit on a Budget. Get fitness and nutrition ideas that will fit any budget on this blog.
  8. care2 Blogs. With a focus on green living, community, and social issues, this blog offers information, tips, news, and more.


With topics on pregnancy, women’s health issues, x-ray and ultrasounds aging, and more, these blogs offer something just for women.

  1. Coming2Terms. Follow along as this woman lives the life of infertility "in a fertile world."
  2. Lost and Found and Connections Abound. If you are struggling with infertility, read this blog that connects several infertility bloggers and keeps up with them all.
  3. The Fun Times Guide to Pregnancy. Find helpful topics such as what not to buy for your nursery as well as fun online pregnancy tools and interesting pregnancy gadgets here.
  4. Day By Day Pregnancy. Learn the basics about pregnancy with daily updates that match your pregnancy progress.
  5. Natural Childbirth for the "Hip Chick". This mom shares her experience with childbirth and the newborn on this blog.
  6. Breastfeeding123. A breastfeeding counselor, this mom shares tips, news, and support.
  7. Buoy for Perinatal Blues & Beyond. If you or someone you know suffers from PPD, this blog is a great resource for support and information.
  8. Beating Breast Cancer. This couple, a doctor and nurse, share their experience of her overcoming breast cancer as well as information and medical news on the subject.
  9. Bomb in My Belly. This young woman shares her experiences with ovarian cancer and her mother’s breast cancer on this blog.
  10. A Medical Mystery. Read about this young woman who lives with Multiple Hereditary Exotoses and what it means to live with a lifelong illness.
  11. Free my Brain from Migraine Pain. Drawing on humor and the spiritual, this blog offers support and resources to migraine sufferers.
  12. Fabulously 40 & Beyond. Life is just beginning for these women who offer inspiration for women over forty.


Whether you are seeking information on men’s health or just wondered what it is that men need to be happy, then check out these blogs.

  1. MH Today. From Men’s Health, this blog features health and wellness articles with a masculine slant.
  2. Men’s Health. From fitness to flu shots, this blog covers a wide range of health topics men will find of interest.
  3. Men’s Health Office. From Web M.D., this blog provides information on a variety of men’s health topics including hair loss, testosterone, and more.
  4. Here to help. Written by Dr. Joseph Scherger, a men’s health expert from Revolution Health, this blog offers advice and information on health and fitness topics.
  5. Men’s Health. From health benefits of coffee to erectile dysfunction, this blog covers issues of interest to men.
  6. Health Commentary: Men’s Health. Covering topics that include blisters, health care consumerism, and steroids, this blog features opinion and information from various guest bloggers.
  7. Half Dead Guy Blog. He may be half dead, but it hasn’t affected his humor. Learn what this middle-aged man thinks about life and current events as he ages gracefully.
  8. The Care and Feeding of Man. Learn all about the needs men have to maintain their health and well-being–like beer and women–in this blog for men.
  9. The Splintered Mind by Douglas Cootey. Juggling ADHD, depression, and life, this man shares his experiences in this blog that can be as uplifting as it can be humorous.
  10. Men’s Garage. Whether you want to read about health, fitness, sexuality, or other issues important to men, you will find interesting information here.


These blogs offer information on children’s health and wellness, nutrition, building social skills, creative play, and more.

  1. Octopus Mom. Learn about all things related to childhood health in this blog written by a NICU nurse and mom of three.
  2. Pediatrics Now. Get information on children’s health and wellness issues with Dr. Gwenn on her blog.
  3. Pediatrics Blog. From keeping important phone numbers nearby to salmonella to flu shots, this blog covers it all.
  4. Blog for Down Syndrome. Get news and more in this well-written and thought-provoking blog written by the father of a son with Down Syndrome.
  5. Social Skills for Kids. Learn about important social skill issues such as providing down time, helping kids understand subtle emotions, and focusing on the child’s strength in this blog written to help children with autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD.
  6. Action for Autism. Take a look at the writing and research currently going on in the study of autism at this blog written by a father and educator from the UK.
  7. Dr. David’s Blog. This practicing pediatrician and professor of oncology blogs about cancer research and cancer treatments.
  8. Dr. Thompson’s Blog. Read about the state of health care with a focus on children and family issues from the perspective of this pediatrician and professor of pediatrics.
  9. Family Resource Blog. Get information about child development, health, and safety issues with topics ranging from asthma to water safety to starting preschool.
  10. Creative Play. With excellent suggestions for ways to stimulate child development through play, this blog offers plenty for parents and educators alike.

Health 2.0

Health 2.0 is popular because of the ability for online communities to unite with information and support. These blogs offers some of the best resources for those interested in health 2.0.

  1. The Value of Openness. This blog brings the best of patient-led research from the PatientsLikeMe website.
  2. Doctor Blogs at Daily Strength. From Daily Strength, these physicians share their knowledge on a variety of topics including why men don’t seek health care treatment, high school sports, and the five stages of grief.
  3. PeoplesMD Blog. Learn about social networking, health issues, and how these two work together at this blog.
  4. Trusera Blog. This blog brings you updates from the world of health care as well as updates on this social network of patients sharing their health experiences.
  5. change: healthcare. Keep up to date on health care news such as how to spot an online medical scam and whether or not you should get married for health care benefits.
  6. HealthCareVox. This blog focuses on how social networking plays into the world of health care and technology with recent topics on the success of specific online communities and a global study on social technology.
  7. Health 2.0 Blog. Written by leaders in the health 2.0 movement, this blog will keep you abreast of all the latest trends and technologies occurring in the health care industry.
  8. The Doctor Weighs In. This collaborative health care blog written by physicians features plenty of health 2.0 topics such as the future of health 2.0 tools.
  9. Diabetes Mine. Check out the blog at this diabetes management site that examines topics such as online technology and community connection.
  10. Medical 2.0. Learn how to build your health and medical 2.0 library with this blog written by a pediatrician and health 2.0 guru.

Mental Health

Learn how to keep your mental health, find out how others do it, or just get inspiration with these blogs focusing on various aspects of mental health.

  1. BeThree. Learn to find the best balance between body, mind, and soul with this hip blog.
  2. Rituals to Invite Balance and Well-being. Read what others have to say or submit your own ideas on how to maintain well-being at this blog.
  3. A Highly Sensitive Woman’s New Perspective on Mental Illness. Share this woman’s experience on her journey to mental health as she blogs about medications, getting healthy, and more.
  4. A Woman’s Guide to Saner Living. Learn how to live a more fulfilling life through a shift in perspective and thoughtful choices with this blog.
  5. Sally Huss–Addicted to Happiness. This inspirational blog offers reminders on the beauty of life and how to stay in your happiness zone.
  6. Are You "Eating with Your Anorexic?". Working to dispel myths and teach families how to overcome eating disorders, this mom shares her experiences.
  7. BwhoUR. Going from a hectic urban lifestyle to life on a cattle farm in Texas, this blogger shares her journey to slow things down and find herself.
  8. Beach Walks with Rox. For inspiration, join Roxanne and her dog on their walks along a Hawaiian beach on this video blog.
  9. Becoming Your StellarSelf. Learn how to improve your quality of life through better living at this blog.
  10. Between Us Girls. Get life lessons to help you grow into the person you want to be.


From religion-based spiritual thinking to spirituality found in the surrounding world, these blogs offer a way to explore and appreciate your spirituality.

  1. Balanced Life Center. Find guidance, tips, and a sense of community through the posts at this blog that focuses on finding an inspired life.
  2. Spiritual Literacy Blog. Using the natural world as a guide, this blog strives to find meaning in the everyday with a little practice and guidance.
  3. Spirituality and Self Help. Find posts to guide you in living a spiritual life. Recent topics include the power of words, resolving inner conflicts, and the seven beliefs of highly happy people.
  4. Living Spirituality. Christian spirituality is the subject of this blog that touches on finding your way with God and through Bible study and reflection.
  5. Faith & Spirituality. From, this blog provides a Jewish perspective on spirituality and religion.
  6. Bhikkhu’s Blog. Written by a Theravada monk in Canada, this blog shares Buddhist philosophy and more.
  7. Real-World Spirituality by Shantra. This teacher and new mom shares her life and spiritual journey on her blog.
  8. The Spirituality Blog. This blog discusses topics such as spiritual truth, creating love and trust, and thoughts on darkness and light.
  9. Written by a life coach, this blog focuses on subjects that include meditation, yoga, positive thinking, and more.
  10. Nantes Daily Photos. From to unusual sky shots to pieces of everyday life, these daily photos offer a fresh perspective that is sometimes humorous and often thought-provoking and moving.